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Our aim is to supply quality squash strings that match and exceed the best in the market.  We have been supplying top quality tennis strings through our sister company, Quality Tennis Strings (www.qualitytennisstrings.co.uk) for nearly 20 years and we made the decision to develop a squash string early in 2019 and launched the new string at a Surrey Squash Junior tournament in September last year with a ‘formal’ launch of the company in early 2020.

Our aim is to match the best in the market at affordable prices.  Our supplier has been manufacturing string to the top tennis racquet companies for over 30 years and he supplied us at Volkl Tennis that we owned in the UK in the nineties and early noughties.  We know his quality.  We know the durability of his strings and we are confident we have introduced a squash string of which we can be proud but, equally importantly, we can supply it a affordable prices, partly because we deal directly with the manufacturer.

We offer only the best quality products; we use the best and materials available to create our strings and throughout the range we have the right combinations to offer Feel, Control and Power depending upon each player’s needs.

We have been testing the string for most of 2019 with a range of players from international to club to junior standard and we are satisfied we have achieved our aim to compete with the best.

Our aim is to ‘stick to the knitting’ in that we are string specialists and only provide squash string and a very few accessories such as racquet replacement grips and overgrips.  Focusing on what we know best will always be one of our key business principles.

Through our sister company, Quality Tennis Strings, we already supply many UK Tennis Academies, coaches, players of all standards and of course stringers, , who are looking for top quality strings but at realistic prices.  And we have now started to supply coaches and squash clubs already as a result of our development programme.

At Fortriss we will work hard to maintain our customers’ loyalty and the unrivalled reputation of our products.  We welcome customer feedback and are always open to exploring new and exciting ideas to improve our products.

Whilst players use our strings, we recognise the importance of coaches and racquet stringers in all racquet sports and we have designed the coating to our string not just to suit players but also to make it easier for stringers to use whatever type of stringing machine is used.

We hope you enjoy our strings and we are confident they will deliver.

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